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Axiom Soccer Launches Tomorrow!

Axiom Soccer launches tomorrow FREE on Steam Early Access!

As an Early Access title Axiom Soccer will be launching as an in development product. This means we will be constantly updating the game with major development milestones planned!

Players who join us in Early Access should be aware that as an Early Access title, features will be continuously changing (or missing) and the feedback provided to us by players in these early development stages will help shape the games future!

Players will be able to play for free on Steam Early Access from 11th April 2019 and Earthbound Games will be adding Free-To-Play customised content options to the game from then through constant updates based on feedback from its passionate community of players!

As a base game Axiom Soccer will include; Quickplay, Competitive, Up To 4 Player Local-Play, Drone Customisation, Gameplay Progression and more.

Axiom Soccer is an in development product. Everything in the game is subject to change.

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