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What’s Changed

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

11/10/2018 Beta Update

Big Features!

  • Added a server browser!

  • Added passwords for servers. Host sets the password, client enters the password.

  • Added the option to add private slots. Private slots are only filled by people on your friends list, so you can be sure you’ll play with your buddies.

  • The server browser will show the amount of players in a session, the Steam name of the session host and if the server has a password on it.

  • Steam invite support is now in Axiom Soccer. You can invite through the Steam friends overlay, or through the pause menu in the game.

  • Added the ability to be a spectator on a match!

  • In the server browser, click the game you want to join. Then join as a spectator.

  • As a spectator, you can press F1-F6 to snap to view from a players point of view, and press Spacebar to go into freecam!

  • This is the first part of our spectator toolkit. If you’ve got suggestions of things you want to see, hop on the Discord and give us a shout.

  • In Game options menu. You can now change your graphics settings and mouse sensitivity in game. You can rebind keys in the Controls menu too.

  • You can now change teams during the kickabout.

  • During the Kickabout, press pause/escape and select ‘change team.’

  • Kuzcopia (our in-house Axiom Soccer superstar) plays 5 vs 1 now. He thinks he’s the game’s final boss.


  • Increased the weight of the ball slightly. It’s a bit harder to juggle now but it feels less ‘floaty’ and more like a physical object.

  • The grenade and machine gun have had their power increased to let them keep parity with the weight of the new ball.

  • You now get boo’d for hitting the ball with your vehicle, if you’re moving faster than the ball is when you hit it. No one wants to see you rock it like that.

  • The 90 second countdown at the start of a match will run much faster now if you get a full match.

  • Increased the area that the goalkeeper can be activated in. You don’t have to be so pixel perfect anymore and the goalie will always try and move to where you want it to go.

  • If everyone on one team quits, the remaining team will be awarded a 3-0 Victory and shown that the other team forfeited.

  • We changed the goal line so the ball has to cross the line entirely before it’s counted as a goal.

  • In a private match (a match with a password), players can now press Enter to ‘ready up.’ If more than 50% of players ready up, the kickabout timer will begin to countdown much faster.

  • The ball now gets launched into the air at the start of a match.

  • Sped up ascend/descend speed on vehicle.


  • Taught the AI how to strafe.

  • Let the AI land perfect, charged shots more frequently.

  • Let the AI predict where the ball’s going to be in a half second to let them take better shots.


  • Added a new Goalkeeper! It now has a cool new robotic arm that moves the goalie around the energy grid.

  • Added a loading screen which should help teach some players about new stuff. There’s going to be variants of this down the line with more information spread out over other screens.

  • Update the visual design of the Goalkeeper. There’s some more stuff for this coming down the pipe, including dozens of cool designs for the goalkeeper shield.

  • Updated the arrow that pointed to where the ball is to be a more natural looking drone that flies along with the main vehicle. It flashes to show the state of the ball too, so you’ve got a little more info than you used to.

  • Updated the visual asset for the grenade projectile.

  • Added advertising screens around the arena. A stadium isn’t a stadium without billboards.


  • There’s now music that plays during the kickabout.

  • Music now fades out when you close the game rather than stopping suddenly.

  • You no longer get boo’d for using the grenade.

  • Goal scored announcement now plays sooner after a goal is scored.

  • Made the crowd louder when you score a goal. Such passion!

  • Added an announcement for when a player joins a match.


  • You can now invite friends via Steam or the in-game friends listing. This is only doable in a match, but we want to bring in the ability to make groups and play in squads.

  • Kick messages for low FPS or very high ping added.

  • You can now only be kicked during the kickabout phase, unless you’re the host. Either way, there’ll be less kicking players during matches.


  • Known issues list (F1 / Y on controller) now reads from a website rather than a textfile in game.

  • Updated lobby for local match to better reflect team colors that are going to be used.

  • Updated the in-game tutorial text to make it a bit more attention grabbing.

  • We’ll be adding an option to turn off tutorials ASAP.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed up waiting for players message to display correctly at all times.

  • Updated scrolling ticker text to talk about Twitter instead of Discord. We love Discord, but it’s hard to read and remember that URL…

  • You can no longer fly around using the num-pad during penalties.

  • Added Beta prefix to overlay text.

  • Made the ball double-sided so it doesn’t go invisible when you put the camera in it.

  • Added SFX to a bunch of buttons.

  • Added SFX to buttons that are disabled, like competitive multiplayer and the garage.

  • Fixes an issue with local matches not adding AI cleanly.

  • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling to let you change weapon with just one scroll of the mousewheel instead of two.

  • Lagging out real hard no longer makes you fall through the world.

  • Added ball-cam to controller image.

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if you switched off all audio devices in windows.

  • Fixed an issue where banging against a wall could let you move very fast (thanks, Lu!)

  • Fixed an issue where the ball could escape the world. (Thanks, n0space!)

  • Fixed an issue where the player could escape the world via the goal. (Thanks, Muld!)

  • Fixed a bunch of issues with player markers.

  • 3 player local multiplayer works again.

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