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What’s Changed - Arena Beta Update!

Big Features!

  • New Arena Added! Say hello to Skyline Arena 2.0! We’ve given the Arena a massive visual overhaul, with hugely increased texture quality and a significant boost in polycount. We’ve also resized the arena to be slightly narrower which should make the game less crossing-play focused. Skyline Arena 2.0 is our visual benchmark for Axiom Soccer going forwards.

  • Every item in and around the arena has been given a significant overhaul; the corner bumpers, barriers, barrier activation triggers and goalmouth. Outside the arena, the vista beyond has been updated and is approaching the visual fidelity we want from Axiom Soccer.

  • Added smoke effects to the Live Crowd! Now, during the kickabout phase, and during different phases in the match, team-colored smoke generators will start to put out dense smoke to cheer you on. You know what they say! No Pyro, No Party!


  • Penalties now end earlier if the player misses the goal. If the ball is headed away from the goal for a few seconds, the penalty will end automatically.

  • Goalkeeper now hits the ball away. It’s not quite as strong as a corner bumper, but it should clear the ball more easily now.

  • Tweaked Grenade strength and made it more predictable.

  • You can no longer have more than 3 players on a team.

  • Swapped Q and E keys for ascend and descend.

  • Added a semi-transparent barrier to the goalmouth to stop players from getting inside the goal.


  • AI can now ascend and descend. This was added in the last hotfix update but got missed in patch notes.

  • AI now have more names that they’ll randomly select.


  • Updated the weapon smoke VFX set. Smoke should be thinner and block your view a little less. This is just the weapon trail, and we have plans for trail customisation in the future.

  • Added a marker to the rear of the Pointer Drone. A black stripe should help you recognise which end is facing you a bit better.


  • Added in-game volume controls. You can now control Master, Crowd, SFX, Dialogue and Music volumes.

  • Added a new ‘Goal Scored’ sound effect. Feedback appreciated!

  • Reworked collision audio with drones to make it more consistent.

  • Corner bumper activation sound updated.

Live Crowd

  • Reduced the number of flares that land on the pitch. They’re now also more evenly distributed and will land in a more spaced out way.


  • Updated some networking stuff for the shotgun and the drone. Bad connections should see less difficulty in making the shotgun work for them.

  • Big improvements made to the ball/drone collision code. This should make bad connections have a smoother time nudging the ball around.

  • Pulled a lot of audio out from networking. This should reduce the load on Hosts significantly.


  • Added photosensitivity warning on the Welcome screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where flares were causing bollards to drop. They should now bounce off ineffectually.

  • Fixed an issue where flares were nudging the ball. They should now just go through the ball ineffectually.

  • Fixed an issue where players other than player 1 were getting dropped in subsequent local matches.

  • Fixed a case where grenades would occasionally apply their force twice.

  • Fixed a case where grenades would occasionally ignore the upper limit of how much force they were allowed to apply.

  • Vehicles with matte-black finish should no longer have a green reflective glow when viewed in the arena.

  • The ball should now make a satisfying ‘thunk’ sound when it hits the ground again.

  • Music will no longer get disabled if you unplug/plug in your sound device.

  • 3-0 Forfeit should be awarded more consistently now. If you have a score higher than 3 and the other team quits, you should still get your 3 or more.

  • Grenade explosion audio should now have a falloff distance, meaning it should be less all encompassing.

  • Spectators will no longer kick AI players when they join.

  • Attempting to fire a second shot in penalties should no longer play weapon charging animations or sounds.

  • Fixed a case where grenades would sometimes go through the ball.

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