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What’s Changed - Arena Updates

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

The Axiom Soccer Closed Beta will soon be coming to an end but we have some small additional updates planned for our community!

The Axiom Soccer Federation has been busy updating the pitch to reflect our new competitive gamemode and more, plus new footballs have been issued!

Read on for more details:

Big Features!

  • The Axiom Soccer Federation have rolled out new pitch surfaces for the Skyline Theater Arena, each with its own specific gamemode branding! - Green pitch and light blue highlights for Friendly and Local play. - Red pitch and green highlights for Axiom Academy. - Blue pitch and yellow highlights for Axiom League.

  • New player profile icons! Represent your favorite Axiom Soccer Federation team with unlockable team badges. A small selection are currently available with more planned in future updates.

  • Added an in match options menu! A much requested community feature, this adds the ability to adjust game settings without the need to leave a match. Further improvements to this menu are planned.


  • Removed Claws and Firebrands logos from the pitches in favour of game mode indicators.

  • Removed some of the team coloring from different ends of the pitch.


  • Based upon player feedback we have made Skill Rating changes in Competitive Play larger so you can progress through Divisions faster. No more 2 SR wins against equally ranked SR players.

  • Added a welcome screen to Competitive Play.

  • Updated all ui text to refer to Skill Rating.

  • Competitive screens now accept control pad input.


  • Vertical lookspeed is now the same as horizontal lookspeed! Keeping aiming more in line with other third person shooters.

  • Crosshair Prediction can now be disabled to give you a permanent target marker in the middle of the screen. This can be done in the options menu. (This is our first prototype of changing the aim system, we are still looking into developing this feature)


  • Extensive rework and optimisation of server CPU usage to improve gameplay stability and reliability.

  • Further art reworks and optimisation.

  • Added a ping counter in MS and an FPS counter to matches.


  • Nametags now turn transparent when the camera gets close to them.

  • Added an in match options menu.

  • Removed hole from the middle of the small player tag that appears over drones when viewed from range.

  • Renamed Quickplay to Friendly.

  • Updated news ticker at the bottom of the main menu.

  • Added secondary team colors to Axiom Academy setup menu.

  • Quitting a match in Competitive, Friendly and Local now returns user to the menu of those modes allowing you to get back into a match quickly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash on entering matches.

  • Fixed an issue where players would slide into place to take a penalty.

  • Fixed an issue where the server browser could lock the game.

  • Fixed an issue where selection audio would sometimes stop playing in the Garage.

  • Fixed an issue where shots would bounce off the far wall in the Garage and block your camera view.

  • Fixed an issue where a ‘clunk’ sound would sometimes play when entering Garage.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes an AI with no name would join a match.

  • Fixed an issue where a random collision box was floating at the side of the pitch.

  • Fixed an issue where the same AI would play in multiple matches in a row in Competitive.

  • Fixed an issue where some shadows in the environment weren’t casting onto drones.

  • Fixed an issue where Garage buttons sometimes didn’t accept inputs.

  • Fixed an issue where win percentage wasn’t being calculated correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where ammo tutorials wouldn’t stop showing.

  • Fixed an issue where tooltip hint audio would play even with master volume lowered.

  • Fixed an issue where corner bumpers would sometimes move very quickly to face in odd directions.

  • Fixed an issue where goals were sometimes being counted twice.

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