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What’s Changed - Drone Beta Update

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Big Features!

  • New Drone Model! We’ve updated all the art for the drone; rebuilt from the ground-up, this drone has a frame that’ll allow us to start experimenting with even greater customisation for the drone.

  • Networked AI! If you wait 60 seconds before the Match Start timer begins and no one joins, one of our improved AI players will join so you have someone to play against. If a human joins your match, the AI will get given the boot. If you’re in a 1 vs 2 situation, an AI will join your team to balance things out. Please note you can turn off AI in the Create Match menu!

  • First version of the Live Crowd. Now, when you play the game, the crowd will be much more reactive to what you’re doing. They’ll sing, play drums, play music and even throw pyro onto the pitch if you’re doing super well. This is the first version of this feature and we’re really excited to get feedback on it. Expect more details and a richer feature set in the future.

  • Post Match Stats screen now tracks how you played. This is a first version of it, so expect more to come in the future. Feedback welcome!

  • Upgraded from Unreal Engine 4.19 to 4.20. This is a pretty major step in getting our replay system to a 100% reliable state and to getting us on lovely dedicated servers. It’s also given us better graphical scaling on our presets, so hopefully people on lower end machines can play more safely.


  • We now track your stats in game so you can see how you did at the end of the match. Keep an eye on the player profile page for more work on this in the future.

  • You can now collide your drone into other players drones! This gives them a bit of a shove. Feedback is welcome, and remember to play nicely. The Referee’s are always watching!

  • Drone has been repositioned slightly. You might have to adjust your aim...

  • User is now only able to fire one shot in penalties. We found that players were taking a huge amount of shots and it was becoming a bit of a spammy mess. We want to limit it and have penalties be a tense, skillful playmode.

  • A ball per player spawns into the arena during the kickabout phase. Have fun with the multiball madness!

  • The ball color flash length is now determined by the weapon that’s used on the ball.


  • AI now pays more attention to the amount of ammo that it’s consumed and will return to recharge more frequently.

  • AI should spend less time waiting before firing now.

  • Updated AI tactical positions to be closer to matching player behavior.


  • Added the new drone; this drone represents the graphical quality we want for the cosmetic items in the game, and for our upcoming arena. For the stats fans out there, we’ve doubled the polycount of the drone and given it a massive texture overhaul.

  • Added the Live Crowd flare VFX.


  • Added new vehicle audio. Feedback is appreciated!

  • Added Live Crowd Chanting, Drums and Brass audio. They’ll sing when you’re winning, drum when you’re losing, and more.


  • Changed the Controls menu into an Options Menu. You can now change your keybindings, graphical preset, mouse sensitivity and more via the Front End.

  • Spectator Hud is now fully hooked up, meaning you can live stream using freecam and get information about who you’re following. We’re planning on adding more features to spectator cam soon.

  • Spectators now show in the list of players in a match with a special spectator tag. It was pretty weird that someone could be watching you and you’d never know.

  • Server browser now shows the amount of people spectating a match.

Bug Fixes

  • Added sound effects to error/popup message buttons.

  • Players can now move around normally after readying up in local multiplayer.

  • Increased low FPS tolerances in auto perf scaling.

  • Spectator will now no longer collide with bollards.

  • Fixed an issue where left mouse button couldn’t be rebound

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