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What’s Changed - Final Beta Update!

Welcome squad to the patch notes for the final, Axiom Soccer beta update! This will be the final beta update before Axiom Soccer releases on Steam Early Access in the next few months! (Be sure to wishlist now: http://bit.ly/AxiomSoccerSteam) In what can only be described as our biggest update yet, the Axiom Soccer Federation moves to dedicated servers, updates its garage and more! Full patch notes below!

Big Features!

  • Dedicated Servers have arrived! This means that players will no longer be hosting matches, which should improve performance for everyone. Games will run more smoothly when playing online, your connection to matches will be more stable and you can now restart matches without having to return to the Main Menu. Check the Networking section for more details. (Custom Matches are still P2P for the time being, see Networking for further details)

  • We’ve switched on our Competitive Multiplayer mode! You can access it through Play Online. When you play Competitive, you’ll be matched up against players of a similar skill level to yourself. If you win, you’ll gain Skill Points; if you lose, you’ll lose Skill Points. See if you can climb through all five Divisions and keep an eye on the Leaderboard. Check the Gameplay section for more details.

  • The Main Menu scene has been given an overhaul to show off some of the new art in the Skyline Theatre arena!

  • We’ve updated the Garage environment! You now get a little behind the scenes look at how your Drone is built and tested by the Axiom Soccer Federation. You can customise your Body Kit, your Goalkeeper Shield, Weapon Trails and more!

  • We’ve added two new Drone Body Kits. The Volta Bolt and Mansa Hawk come complete with all the features of the Lacano Mark 1 but with a different style. We’d love to hear your feedback on the new kits on our Discord https://discord.gg/wtUFSXb ! Swing on by and help steer the direction of what our upcoming Drone Body Kits look like.

  • We’ve added a Hints System to Axiom Soccer to help ease in new players. If you’re an experienced player you can turn these hints off in the Options menu, or if you want to view them again you can reset them by switching the hints off and then on again.

  • Smart Glass panels have been added around the Arena walls! These panels countdown at the beginning of the match and celebrate when you score a goal. We’ve got more features for these panels planned in the future, and if there’s anything you want to see them give us some feedback on Discord!

  • We’ve overhauled Axiom Academy to make it a stronger single player experience. Now, when you play in Axiom Academy mode, you’ll progress through a series of progressively harder bots. This is an experimental mode at the moment, so we’d love to hear your feedback on it early in development. We’re actively working on Axiom Academy, so expect more in the near future!


  • Competitive Multiplayer is Here! When you play a match through Competitive (available in the Play Online menu) you’ll be matched up against players of a similar skill level to battle to see who’s the best Axiom Soccer player out there. When you start your Axiom Soccer Competitive Career you’ll be placed in Division Five and it’s up to you to climb from there! When you win, the amount of Skill Points you have will rise, and when you lose, it’ll lower. At the end of every week you’ll either be Promoted, Relegated or stay where you are based on your performance. We’ll be adding Season Rewards soon!

  • You can change your position within a Division instantly, but you can only move between Divisions each Monday at 7 AM GMT. You can only move one Division at a time, but your progress carries over from week to week, so if you do well enough to move up two Divisions in one week, you’ll go up one, and next week you’ll only need to maintain your standing rather than increase it to go up another Division.

  • Use the Leaderboards to see where you measure up against everyone else in your Division! You can also track your Promotion or Relegation chances by looking at the Competitive Multiplayer menu and checking out the graph which will show your progress from day to day.

  • Once a match is over, after thirty seconds, the match will reset letting everyone play another match without needing to head back to the main menu. The match will enter a 90 second Kickabout phase while it searches for more players to add to the match.

  • We’ve changed the name of Quickplay to Friendly.

  • We’ve removed replays from online modes. We’re working on adding a new, much improved replay system which should be available in the near future.

  • Removed ‘handball’ detection. You no longer get boo’d for hitting the ball with your vehicle.

  • Increased range of all projectiles slightly.


  • We’ve created over a dozen AI profiles which you can play against. These AI all behave slightly differently and are designed to play at a skill level similar to your own. These AI even have their own customisation sets so you can tell them apart at a glance.

  • AI now celebrate when they score goals and shy away when they score an own goal. These celebrations are based on what the developers do when they score goals, so see if you can spot The Windscreen Wiper.

  • AI now leave matches to help balance things out.

  • Bots in offline matches will now show what skill level they are with Level 1 being the easiest to beat and Level 9 being a serious challenge.

  • AI will now take other AI players into account when attempting to balance matches.

  • Renamed AI Demo to Demo Mode.


  • The Goal Net and Goalmouth have been reworked significantly. Before matches, a Blast Door will raise to prevent the ball from going in. When the match begins, the door lowers and the new Goal Net will appear. The Goalmouth has been remade and redesigned to allow the ball extra room to move. The Goalkeeper Arm is also more dynamic now and moves forwards and backwards inside the Goalmouth now.

  • We’ve added a whole new ball for Competitive. This is the official Axiom League design.

  • We’ve done a major optimisation pass on the game.

  • The floor in the Skyline Theatre has been redesigned.

  • We’ve updated the names of some Goalkeeper vinyls to better reflect what they look like.

  • We’ve added shadows to the Skyline Theatre arena.

  • We’ve added a special shadow to the ball which should be visible on all quality settings and no matter the lighting conditions.

  • Removed downwash visual effect below drones. It was really hurting low spec machines; we want to bring in a cheaper version of it soon, though.

  • Bollard triggers now flash when they’re shot.

  • Added propulsion bottle to the underside of vehicle cannons.


  • Made Garage audio more natural sounding.

  • Lowered default volume of music in the main menu.


  • Dedicated Servers are here! From now on, when you play a match Online in Friendly or Competitive you’ll join an official Earthbound Games server. This means that clients are no longer needed to host the game so every match should be more stable, more reliable and smoother. This is the first version of our Dedicated Server platform and we’re really excited to see how they perform.

  • Friendly will attempt to put you into a match that’s available and has other players in it, regardless of your skill level. You can still use the server browser to look for matches that are open and available to join so you can team up with your friends.

  • Custom matches are still available and can be created via the Create Match menu. These are still hosted locally so your game experience might be less than ideal.

  • You can’t spectate matches on Dedicated Servers at the moment. This is something we’re looking to add in the future.

  • We’ve changed the Server Browser to list Dedicated Server matches and Custom Server matches in seperate tabs.

  • Removed kick for clients on high ping/bad connections.

  • Updated some network error messages to be more specific.


  • Reworked server browser to show Custom Matches and Dedicated Server matches in different tabs.

  • Renamed AI Demo to Demo Mode.

  • Updated Load Screen images to show off the Skyline Arena and new goals.

  • Updated Axiom Academy screen to bring it into line with Local Match setup screen.

  • Updated in game messages that show when the user scores a goal, when a match phase changes and on countdowns.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Shotgun VFX wouldn’t show up when viewed at range.

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes spawn in the wrong place during penalties.

  • Fixed an issue where accuracy wasn’t being calculated correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where some players couldn't’ ready up in Local Multiplayer.

  • Fixed an issue where resetting to default controls in the options menu would change what the default controls actually were.

  • Fixed an issue where a ball would spawn on top of your vehicle in Kickabout.

  • Fixed an issue where spectator cam moved jerkily.

  • Fixed an issue where AI could move after penalties.

  • Fixed an issue where cycling between menus would make button selection sounds continually louder.

  • Fixed an issue where button selections weren’t playing sound effects when using keyboard inputs.

  • Fixed an issue where some keys couldn’t be rebound.

  • Fixed an issue where the correct vehicle customisation wasn’t showing in replays.

  • Fixed an issue where the sound effect for clicking ‘accept’ on EULA screen was cut short.

  • Fixed an issue where players could change teams during the time between penalties.

  • Fixed an issue where team colors could be very similar and still play against each other.

  • Fixed an issue where crowd audio could desync or could sound strange when you were in the middle of the pitch.

  • Fixed an issue where in game text was overlapping UI elements making both hard to read.

  • Fixed an issue where AI players were retreating at the wrong time.

  • Fixed an issue where the replay camera would look very jerky during replays.

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