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What’s Changed - Garage Beta Update!

Big Features!

Garage features are here! To access, select Garage in the main menu and begin customising your Drone. This is our first version, so expect more options and more in depth customisation in the future.

Players can now select their Strip, colors and squad number for both Home and Away Strips. Home Strips are used as a preference, with Away Strips being used when the color you’ve chosen is too close to the other teams color choice. You can also customise the pattern on the front of your Goal Keeper which will appear if you’re the first person to join a team in a match.

We’ve added three new Weapon Trails! The Aircell-Hydro, Aircell-Pyro and Aircell-Vapor pack can all be demoed in the garage. These Trails will follow behind all shots fired by your Drone.

Feedback is appreciated on everything in the Garage, so let us know what you think and what you want to see in the future by using #axiomsoccer or visiting us on our Discord at https://discord.gg/wtUFSXb


Adjustments to improve AI difficulty and playstyles to improve player vs bot games. Providing a greater challenge to seasoned pros and a friendlier challenge for those new to the game.


Visual improvements to Skyline Arena 2.0, making it even more futuristic and epic!


Updated sound effects for in game menus.


Network traffic optimisation for our interactive crowd effects, improving game stability and reliability.


Updated menus to use Skyline Arena 2.0.

Bug Fixes

Added sound effects to close button on Known Issues page.

Weapon fire audio should no longer be playing twice over network games.

Adjusted number of times that vehicles can play their collision audio during a single collision.

Fixed an issue where graphics settings weren’t being updated if you changed the setting and then force quit the game.

Recharge zone now takes up the entire penalty box.

Fixed an issue where smoke wasn’t behaving similarly for clients and hosts.

Fixed an issue where mouse sensitivity wasn’t being properly saved between play sessions.

Fixed an issue where music in the main menu wasn’t looping seamlessly.

Fixed an issue where EULA screen was offset on non 16:9 aspect ratios.

Spectators can no longer change teams.

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