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What’s Changed - Progression Updates

Big Features!

We’ve added Account Progression, so now when you play a match you’ll get XP for various actions in the match! You’ll unlock vehicle customisation parts, projectile trails, strips and drone bodykits by levelling up! You can level up in any online play mode.

XP values are subject to change.

We’ve added a Winner’s Podium at the end of every match. If you win, you and your team will have a few seconds to pose for the camera and memorialise your victory.


Bots are now more likely to use shotguns at higher levels.


Removed team pitch markings from all arena variants.


We’ve rebuilt Drone collision to be much closer to the visible models.

Shots now bounce off other drones, meaning you can now block enemy shots from pushing the ball off course.

When two drones collide, the one that’s moving faster will go over the slower moving drone, so there should be much less jockeying for position now.

If the ball slams into your drone at high speed, you’ll be knocked backwards.

The ball now bounces when driven into, making it a little more unpredictable.

We’ve reworked our goal accreditation logic so it should be more lenient in what it considers an own goal.

Made the 0 second warning in penalties a little more lenient. If the ball’s already in the air when the timer hits 0, it can still count if it goes in.


Shotgun VFX is now visible to all players!


Added a banner at the top of the main menu that shows what menu you’re in, your Account Level and your Competitive Rank.

Added signposting to buttons in the main menu. If you’re ever confused about what a button’ll do, just look in the bottom left of the screen for a tip!

Updated loading screens! Load screens now show different tooltips and hints on how to play the game.

Added fades between load screens and the game.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where Crosshair Assist was misbehaving in split screen play.

Fixed an issue where AI weren’t moving the goals in penalties.

Fixed some lighting and reflection issues in arena.

Fixed an issue where crowd audio would stop playing for one side of the pitch after rematching in local matches.

Fixed an issue where some buttons didn’t have click audio.

Fixed an issue where players automatically switched teams in weird custom match configurations.

Fixed a case where nameless AI could join a server.

Fixed an issue where white lettering what being used on white background in nametags.

Fixed an issue where pausing the game during countdown would let you move around after unpausing.

Fixed an issue where wind turbines were spinning too fast in slow-motion main menu scene.

Fixed an issue where the corner bumpers in the main menu scene weren’t pointing at the ball.

Fixed an issue where grenades wouldn’t spin after being fired.

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