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Earthbound Games
Based in Dundee, Scotland

Founding date:
February 1st, 2017


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Earthbound Games Ltd.
Waters Edge (Unit 2)
Camperdown Street



Earthbound Games is a Scottish independent game studio formed of games industry veterans, aiming to create a new generation of interactive eSports.


Early history

Earthbound Games was formed by former developers of Dundee heavyweight titles Grand Theft Auto, Crackdown and APB, to pursue a vision for a new generation of digital spectator sports in which viewers have an active presence within the game world itself.

Earthbound’s first game, Axiom Soccer, is a stadium-based sports shooter, mixing elements of soccer and pool with classic shooter-skills and weapons. Aside from innovative gameplay based around shooting at the ball, Axiom Soccer’s key concept is in mechanisms for bringing spectators watching on streaming platforms into a live in-game crowd.






Axiom Soccer Teaser Trailer.




Axiom Soccer Promotional Images.

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Interactive Spectator Concept

Axiom Soccer Twitch Integration Features.



Logo & Icon

Earthbound Games And Axiom Soccer Logos And Image Assets.



Awards & Recognition

  • "One to watch out for in 2019." - FingerGuns, Indie Games To Get Excited About In 2019

Selected Articles

  • "Axiom Soccer could make Rocket League into a sub-genre."
    - Samuel Roberts, PC Gamer


  • "Imagine pool mixed with football and flying robots... it's as wild as it sounds."
    - Sam Bishop, GameReactor


  • " If you are looking for some fast fun in a 1vs1 to 3vs3 setting and you're a fan of ball games and things that go boom, Axiom Soccer is for you."
    - Aaron McArthur, KeenGamer



Additional Links

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Chris Stamp


Neil Heywood

Board Director

Jeff Cairns

Art Director

Colin Anderson

Commercial Director

Malcolm Collins

Senior Producer

Val Kingston


Patrick Roche

QA Manager

Chris Dawson

Lead Software Engineer

Barney Randall

Software Engineer 

Hugo Damas

Software Engineer

Tim Hay

Vehicle Artist

Manu Lopez

Vehicle Artist

Steve Hodgson

2D Artist

Alasdair Legge

Community Manager, Web Developer

Jennifer Petrie

Community Manager