Axiom Soccer Known Issues List


Headline Issues

This is our first release with Competitive Play and Dedicated Servers. As such, we’re expecting there to be some issues with both of these features since they’re both massive overhauls to the Axiom Soccer experience. Please be patient with us and report any issues you encounter on our Discord at


There’s an issue where the special ball for Competitive and the Competitive End of Match screen is showing at the end of Friendly matches. SR changes are not made in Friendly matches. We will be patching this issue soon.


We’re working on expanding our controller support at the moment. We currently fully support Xbox control pads, and are working on adding support for other control pads to Axiom Soccer.



  • Smoke VFX can occasionally flash white.

  • Some particle trails are very bright.



  • There’s occasionally a rattling sound coming from the arena. You can prevent this by turning down the Voice audio slider in the options menu.

  • Some minor in-game sound effects are missing in replays and gameplay in online matches.

  • Live Crowd Audio does not play in local multiplayer matches with more than 1 player.



  • Own goals aren’t being listed on the end of match stats screen.

  • Spawn points are occasionally off center in online matches.

  • Shots currently pass through other vehicles.

  • Accuracy is sometimes not being tracked correctly.



  • User is unable to join friends matches via Steam.

  • Charge bar and recoil states aren't being shown across network.



  • Players aren’t able to spectate matches on dedicated servers.

  • Some VFX isn’t playing for spectators.

  • Joining a match that has ended as a spectator can cause spectator to become trapped in the match until the host quits.



  • Some of the text on the stats screen can be very small.

  • News ticker at the bottom of the screen refers to Quickplay. Quickplay is now known as Friendly.