Headline Issues

There is a chance that at the end of a match that is won 5-0 that the end of match summary will not show. Don’t worry, you’re still being given XP and Skill Rating! If you see this, please report it on our Discord ( https://discordapp.com/invite/axiomsoccer )


We’re working on getting Steam and Discord match invites working ASAP. Check out our Roadmap here! https://trello.com/b/c2MybBG6/public-axiom-soccer-roadmap


We’re working on expanding our controller support at the moment, but some in game menus aren’t fully supported. We aim to fully support Xbox control pads in a future update, and are working on adding support for other control pads to Axiom Soccer.



  • Smoke VFX can occasionally flash white.



  • Options menu sliders are playing too many change sound effects.

  • Some minor in-game sound effects are missing in replays and gameplay in online matches.

  • Live Crowd Audio does not play in local multiplayer matches with more than 1 player.



  • Own goals aren’t being listed on the end of match stats screen.



  • Replays are currently disabled in online matches.

  • User is unable to join friends matches via Steam.

  • Charge bar and recoil states aren't being shown across network.

  • Game can crash if the user attempts to create/join a network match while offline.



  • Some of the text on the stats screen can be very small.

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